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Instigated by the city, these artists responded to it.

The artists in this edition of Oi R come from very diverse artistic languages and origins but, in common, they have the experience of developing large-scale works.

More information on the page for the artists here on the site. [email protected] Canivello/Factoria Comunicação Click here to more information about Oi R Vanessa [email protected] [email protected] Tels (21) 2274.0131 / 2239.0835 “Finding an opening for other ideas for Rio is a way to bring the city’s spectacular context into evidence.” “The foreign gaze was a mirror of our own identity, sometimes reflecting us, sometimes bewildering us.” Rio de Janeiro is a city with a dazzling vocation for protagonism: it holds a place in the universal imagination—whether for its landscape, its people, or the radical urban experience it offers.

The six works in this first phase carry the signature of British artists Andy Goldsworthy (Cais do Porto) and Brian Eno (Arcos da Lapa), Spanish artist Jaume Plensa (Enseada de Botafogo), American Robert Morris (Cinelândia), Japanese Ryoji Ikeda (Arpoador), and Brazilian Henrique Oliveira (Parque Madureira). Enseada de Botafogo | Cinelândia | Arcos da Lapa | Cais do Porto | Praia do Diabo | Parque Madureira, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil The works by Robert Morris, Jaume Plensa, Andy Goldsworthy and Henrique Oliveira will be open to the public from September 7 through November 2.

Rio de Janeiro is—literally—an open air art gallery.

The city is home to the largest collection of public art in Brazil, with more than 570 works on display in parks, plazas and streets, constituting a collection whose inception dates back to the 17th century.

Lastly, Jaume Plensa’s intervention in the landscape of Botafogo Bay—a monumental head that emerges from the reflective surface of the water that is part of the city’s classic picture postcard, in conjunction with Sugarloaf mountain—makes us rethink this landscape, viewing it differently, with a new and unexpected focus.

It is through public initiatives like these that we can find a gateway into Brazilian society in order to bring quality culture from around the world to a space that is open, accessible, democratic and free, allowing people from all walks of life to relate to contents that are normally kept closed to all but a few.

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