Animation strip roleplay chat rooms

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Animation strip roleplay chat rooms

Virtual locations are implemented as public Jabber chat channels.

This is especially important since users browsing virtually connected locations (i.e. The virtual presence extensions make use of Jabber group chat.

Usually website operators will not care about virtual presence on their pages.

But once there is a significant amount of chat on their pages, they want to control what happens there.

This document describes an implementation that proved to be useful over one year. Plainly speaking: representing users as figures or other images fits well to web pages.

The process includes queries to the web server, queries to default configuration sources, delegation between configuration sets, ways for administrators of websites to opt out, and methods to shape the virtual space actively by clustering together or splitting off URL groups.

To get a leg up on the competition, some are adding special attractions to help entice GOP bigs.

It describes step by step how clients derive virtual locations from URLs of web pages.

This document also covers the mapping of URLs to Jabber chat rooms.

Sometimes users regard individual pages as locations, sometimes a 'location' consists of multiple pages.

Large websites may even consist of multiple DNS names, so that users expect to be at the same location regardless of the actual server name.

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