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And recently they have found one that greatly affects us all. Twelve people participated in the study, which lasted two weeks.During this time they monitored their time to fall asleep, total sleep time, sleep efficiency, time spent in sleep stages, sleepiness before and after sleep, and the concentration of the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin in their blood.

Scientists are finding more and more ways in which this excessive use is negatively affecting us. The study focused on electronic e-readers and books, comparing the effects on sleep and tiredness after reading both before bed.

Even though according to almost every marriage expert the subject is one the most important aspects of our relationships, we still have a hard time having discussions about it. Play a game – This printable game of Would You Rather from The Dating Divas features 24 intimate game cards, blank game cards and game play instructions.

If the topic is uncomfortable for you, here are a few of fun, no-pressure ways to ignite a conversation. – This new show on WEtv is designed to help real couples through relationship and intimacy issues with professional therapists. Plus, there’s a super cute invitation you can use to invite your spouse!

It feels like Valentine’s Day was just yesterday and now St.

A couple of weeks ago I shared some delicious cocktail inspiration with you and today it’s all about the St.

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