Dating a paralyzed woman army dating in same unit

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Dating a paralyzed woman

One of the first things to go vamoosh when becoming paralyzed, other than losing it the ability to walk of course, is your self-esteem. Everybody thinks when they wake up paralyzed that they’re damaged goods, and somehow less than they were before.

It takes a lot of journeying of the soul to get to the point where you realize this is bullshit.

Please – stop thinking you’re going to end up lonely. And btw, hooking up with your current girlfriend so quick after injury probably wasn’t the best idea.

Take some time to get to know better, focus on rehab, then start searching for the perfect woman for you. Not only will you still find women who will find you attractive, you’ll now find women that have good souls. Just remember, having too specific of a niche in anything can sometimes affect your bottom line.

——————————————————————————————————— Dear Chris, Thanks for writing! Who knows…at being paralyzed for only five months, you still have a lot of time to get movement back. What you are going through right now – dating someone you’re not 100% happy with – is something everybody before you who’s also paralyzed has also gone through.Lose the halo photo right away, keep the cute ones of you out and about. jim a guy I used to work with drove a pickup truck and has a very nice wife he is also in a wheel chair.And rewrite your profile - tell women something about yourself, not your disability. stop feeling sorry for yourself and get movingonce again im fully paralyzed and cant move anything..i need 24/7 care just about hence the nursing home factor in my profile, and mecaid/medicare only pays for 11hrs of care and i have no family to take and help me..friends all ditched me after the accidenthope that insights some of youand for everyone looking at my anger, its meant to scare off any chick that will stand me up to even meet because thats the only thing ive got out of this site so far and the first person post mentioned i probably had it better written before is you know why ive changed it OP: I'm sorry to hear about your accident.I feel I might have fallen for her because she was taking care of me.I’m really afraid to be alone and don’t know if I should continue with this relationship or stop now before it goes further.

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People with cancer or amputated limbs don't list that as a profession, just seems odd to me. It's hard for everyone to find a great relationship, if it were easy no one would be single!

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