Dating and talking on the phone

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Dating and talking on the phone

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A subscription will run you a month, and right now it's only for i OS in New York, but the hope is that they'll expand nationwide soon.

This strangely old-fashioned idea is the brainchild of 27-year-old Sam Ballantyne, who was a classical musician before he turned his attention to developing apps.

TALKING ON THE PHONE IS THE MOST ARCHAIC FORM OF COMMUNICATION ON EARTH! Has anyone ever really paid attention to the actual purpose of the phone?! Telephones were created at a time when it was almost impossible to travel to see a person on a regular or as-needed basis.

There are a ton of reasons why people say talking on the phone is better than texting or sending an email or even a snapchat. Here’s the other thing, only rich people had telephones.

Women want to chat on the phone, even if it's silly small talk.

You want to get calls back while you are on dates, and constantly interacting with a wide group of friends.

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A few mornings ago I was heading to work and I looked down at my phone reviewing over names of friends I hadn’t spoken to in months. I looked at my gchat and looked at several girls that over the years I had fallen out of touch with because they only like talking on the phone and hate text messaging.

I thought about sitting down and making time to call each one of these girls and reconnect, if only to be the one who reached out last, then I remembered something.

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