Cypriot Education

The Russians about life in Cyprus. How to go to Cyprus to live?


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Система Высшего Образования на Кипре


Единственный из наиболее красочных уголков Средиземноморья, полуостров Кипр, обладает многолетнюю летопись с разнообразием старых легенд и легенд. Полуостров может расхвастаться собственной небедной культурой, традициями и архиологическим наследством. На данный момент Кипр представляется единственным из наилучших участков для проживания, странствий и коммерциала. В ближайшее время Кипр стал популярен еще и как нужное пространство для получения высшего образования.

Студенты из различных государств мира избирают данную государство из-за

University Of Cyprus. University for Belarusians, Ukrainians, Kazakhstan.

Кипрский университет

According to the University of Cyprus was founded in 1989 year. The first students appeared in it, only in the 1992 year and their was very little, total 486 человек. The University of Cyprus is currently one of the most prestigious universities in Cyprus. The date of Foundation of the University, listed for 1997 year. Наверное, This happened because the, that is the year, were first recruited students in large numbers, and training program has been improved. At this time the University of Cyprus in Nicosia, It is the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

European University Cyprus.

европейский университет кипра

Every person dreams of, to go to University, get a good education, but not everyone knows, What better to choose, and which profession to develop. We offer you to pay attention to European University Cyprus. After all, there can be quite a lot of specialties. It brought together 18 Bachelor programs, for a variety of specialties, as well as the 5 магистерских программ. The most important thing, that once you enter in European University Cyprus, you will get the opportunity to continue their studies, Of course, It's all optional, as in American universities, and European Universities.

Cyprus University of technology became an international.

Кипрский технологический университет

Cyprus University of technology at the moment - It is one of the largest universities in the country in which students learn not only from Cyprus, but also with the other countries of the world. Cyprus University of technology - This institution of higher education, which has reached the highest international level. At this University, to be eligible for study, you have to know the language, as English. As it is taught in English, This minimum requirement, in order to enroll in the Cyprus University of technology. Also, Enter the University, little English, You also need to pass exams, which are the introductory.