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Moreover, being overly nice, accommodating and kind to a woman will actually lead to the opposite result – it will make a woman less attracted to a guy and even be bored with him.

I believe that an analogy between sexual encounter and any other interaction between a man and a woman is very helpful to understanding why being too nice with women is a big dating mistake.

And I can already feel the shame creeping in, as I think about her questioning his media time, obsession with Minecraft, and lack of exercise. I think it was likely the time I was told that I was hysterical and overreacting at his three-week old well baby check up.

But this message of shame and guilt has followed me for almost twelve years now.

This is because I truly believe that when you understand the more fundamental principle of what makes men attractive to women, you won’t have to worry about being on purpose more difficult that you really are.

And that principle is this: a woman develops attraction, romantic and sexual interest and love for a man not as much because of how he treats her but because of How you treat a woman and how you make her feel when she is around you is of course important, but that’s only one, less significant part of the equation.

I have been told that I allow people to walk over me, use me, etc.

As you watch this movie, notice how the guy says at one point to his wife: “I am sorry, this won’t happen again, I promise,” and I hope you will be disgusted with hearing that as much as I was.

While I am a big fan of apologizing when I am wrong, this is simply not the right way to say “I am sorry.” Also, pay special attention how, closer to the end of the movie, he compares himself to his brother and how he correctly points out why his brother is so much more successful at attracting women than he is.

To my complete disbelief, she affirmed the decisions we are making to accommodate our son. She has worked with children and adults with autism for twelve years….

She said she can see the positive impact our accommodations are having on my son and his self-image. I think I might have sat there with my mouth wide open as she spoke. I started to tear up a little and told her I thought she was going to say I babied him too much. I am sharing this, not because I think we have this all figured out.

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I’m posting this shortly after realizing it for myself.

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