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We believe in an intersectional feminism that fights discrimination and supports human rights for all people and all genders.

We undermine the idea of a mainstream narrative by revealing the understory, the subtext, the overlooked, and the downright unfair.

Our retrospectives in Bilbao and Madrid, Guerrilla Girls 1985-2015, and our US traveling exhibition, Guerrilla Girls: Not Ready To Make Nice, have attracted thousands.

For 2016 we produced new street and museum projects at Tate Modern and Whitechapel Gallery, London; and in Paris, Cologne, Minneapolis, and more!

As a young kid, he remembers being hungry all the time and standing in the soup lines where he […] Dear Becoming Girl, Hello gorgeous friend.

You know…a year from now, things will be a lot different than they are today.

We also do interventions and exhibitions at museums, blasting them on their own walls for their bad behavior and discriminatory practices, including our 2015 stealth projection on the façade of the Whitney Museum about income inequality and the super rich hijacking art. Malia and Sasha, eight years ago on a cold November day, we greeted you on the steps of the White House.We saw both the light and wariness in your eyes as you gazed at your new home.After meeting this girl, Barbara went back to school and changed her major, and her life’s path.You have lived through the unbelievable pressure of the White House.

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Your parents, who put you first and who not only showed you but gave you the world.

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