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Redtube malaysi

Examples: Many sites critical of the government were allegedly taken down with DDo S attacks allegedly by the government around the GE13 voting period.

The Sarawak Report, Malaysiakini, and The Malaysian Insider have all reported attacks against their servers.

Check the adult proxy page for more adult sites that may be compatible with Prox Free.

PETALING JAYA: Popular pornography website Red Tube has been blocked by the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

Currently the ISPs in Malaysia are throttling and filtering specific traffic to websites like Malaysiakini, Facebook and even Youtube.

Just in case, things get nasty post-election day, I thought I’d quickly put together a couple of ways you can access Malaysiakini and other online portals despite a Unifi censor.

According to the MCMC content code, obscene content gives rise to a feeling of disgust by reason of its lewd portrayal and is essentially offensive.

“There is every possibility of such content having a negative influence and corrupting the mind of those easily influenced,” it reads.

Here’s some quick tips on how to access blocked sites in Malaysia that is blocked by the ISP (Telekom, Maxis, Time.etc).

pro XPN is a fantastic free VPN service that uses end-2-end encryption to keep the baddies and your local ISP out of your business, it utilizes a 2048 bit encryption.

On the website, the company claims that: There’s a downside however, the free version is throttled to just 100kbps, and you need to use a specific application to access the service. If you’re willing to spend money on some security and anonymity online, then I can’t recommend privateinternetaccess enough.

Also they’re one of the VPN providers that take your privacy seriously.

They don’t sponsor this blog , but I have an affiliate agreement with them, so that I get a cut of every member that signs up for their service through my blog.

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According to social media users, access to website has been blocked since Dec 19 with Internet users redirected to a page with a warning that reads: “This website is not available in Malaysia as it violates national law”.

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