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Hong Kong dating can get expensive fast - Hong Kong can be cheap (aside from the rent.) Then again if you go on dates (like restaurant dinners and drinks, etc…) you'll find yourself spending a lot of money! If money is a concern then why not check out Hong Kong online dating?

One friend of mine who lives there told me he would schedule his dates at 10pm. To avoid dinners and go straight to drinks with his date. It's a giant social circle - If you're not into building a social circle andlike to meet people casually then you're out of luck.

Someone who is open-minded, sincere, funny and friendly. I'm told that I am an charming, sincere and cheerful person.

Hi, I am looking for someone who I can communicate and chat with here. waiting for email I am a attractive Chinese lady who want to find a foreign boyfriend in guangzhou. If you are a guy with good heart and passionate on your life, please drop me a line, yours will get mine...

Hong Kongers and expats alike are well-travelled, speak good enough English and have fascinating stories of their own.

Personally every time I go out I look forward to whomever I meet.

Got back from US and UK and settled down in a company of my dream. Love people who have a great sense of humor, but not bragging, intellectual, caring and honest. SAVE OUR TIME: No players, one-night-stand or Chinese pls. If I'm the one that you'd be interested in getting to know, please write to me Hi! I am cheerful, always looking for peace and quiteness.

Love gym, sports, live music, staying at home for some reading or movies. A iintelligent man who is assertive and confident is always extremely attractive for me. I'm looking for someone who is intelligent, caring, decent, attractive, mature, willing to share my joy and sorrow, importantly knowing to make me laugh. I love travelling,photography, food, wine and hiking.

Respond to existing personal ads or write your own profile. Have fun and good luck in the free dating service for everyone. I think i 'm a optimistic,like to smile and happiness gal. I hope can visit all the world even the small country. i'm open-minded, simple, and like to talk things with sense. How can i descrip myself.i still a study as well as work. That why i still looking for the right one.someone can make feel comdortable. i'm a friendly person and i would like to meet some friends fron other countries coz i've been so focused with my beloved country, PHILIPPINES. I am looking for a partner to share everything in life. So the local women you date will assume a certain dating lifestyle from you.If you don't give it then they'll walk away and find someone who will.

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I was born in manila, and my parents brought me up here in Hong Kong..i was like 12 years old, so means i actually grew up here with my whole family.

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  1. KELSEY: I also wanted to ask you about the art in the movie—Jeffrey Brown's the artist, but did they have you draw anything? I was faking it, and he's really good at it, and I'm really terrible at it. It feels three times as long if you don't get along with people. We had never met, but we became friends really easily, like, pretty much instantly, so thank God.