Wedding trip to Cyprus from Russia

путешествие на Кипр

Marriage journey to Cyprus. The newlyweds then expects a romantic breeze on the peninsula drive and every desire. Here everything is possible, that wish to bigwig: off to deserted islets and run away from the benefits of civilization in a simple cottage, enjoy a wealth of resort hotels and enjoy a fun night joys. The afternoon offers: beaches, Aqua attractions, Spa treatments, tours of untold ruins and monuments of old architecture.

And in the evening: clubs, Gala-show, walks on the beach under the Moon, a delicious dinner on the yacht and clear lights

Kolossi Castle. Travel to Cyprus for the Russians

замок на кипре

One of the most fascinating and important for Cyprus attractions calculates the kolossi Castle, that reside in the 10 kilometres west from Limassol. The strength of Kolossi was build is based in 1291 the Hospitallers of the order of Knights, the Immaculate John the most recognizable under the status of the Maltese Knights. Kolossi Castle arose considerably later than, in 1454 year during the reign of Grand Commander Louis de Geek. It is a bulky tower stands 25 the ICTR and the width of the walls of the most 2,5 the ICTR.

Kolossi Castle, this is actually an unattainable strength. During the siege, located around the

Go to Cyprus from Russia. Leave for permanent residence.

как уехать на Кипр жить

Many people, who are going to travel for permanent residence, to Cyprus, wonders, as imigrarovat′ to Cyprus live from Russia. The first and most important to know that the, that in this country there are several types of permits, This temporary residence and permanent. To be eligible to immigrate to Cyprus from Russia and to obtain temporary residence, you will need to, as one way of

Cyprus 2015


Cyprus is an island country in the Mediterranean Sea, coming into the European Union. The capital of Cyprus, Nicosia hail, that reside in the Centre of the island. Cyprus znamenitejšee orientation for plâževogo vacation,What better way for NEW meaning, environmental, educational tourism, exploring the Christian shrines and ancient monuments, and in addition, Syria, Egypt and the rest of the State. Oficioznyj tab in the Hellenistic, but a huge part of the population has great British, and in tourist areas, all

The Russians about life in Cyprus. How to go to Cyprus to live?


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